Why Real Estate?

I joined Royal LePage in 2012 where I started out by overseeing the marketing and operations for a small real estate team.  We were selling sometimes multiple homes per week!  I quickly started to enjoy the fast-paced nature, and the consistent need to keep on the ball systematically, legally, socially, and creatively.  It isn’t that apparent from the outside, but Realtors need to wear lots of hats.

I attained my own license in 2016 have been actively selling real estate since.

What does this mean for you?  I have enough experience that I could do this job blind-folded; (I wouldn’t though!) and whether you are a Seller, Buyer, Landlord or Tenant, I would be happy to help you.  If your goals relate to residential real estate in Toronto, I am your person.


Why be a Realtor?

This is simple:

There are limitless possibilities and so much room to be creative with real estate.  I am also most passionate when helping and celebrating the successes of other people.

What does this mean for you?  I have what it takes to get outside of the box and help you reach your real estate goals.


Why Royal LePage?

Royal LePage is the leader in Canadian Real Estate, and it is owned by Brookfield Asset Management, a top-ranking firm on the Canadian Fortune List of Companies.  One can easily see the levels of professionalism at Royal LePage both on a micro and a macro scale.

What this means for you as the consumer, is that your back is covered.  Your Royal LePage Realtor® is supported by their brokerage, which in turn means support for you.  We also treat people like people – which is SO important.  I value delivering compassionate, communicative and client-orientated representation, along with a service-oriented approach that lasts long after the deal has closed.


What I Actually Do…

General Client Representation:

Under our real estate and business legislation, I have a fiduciary (legal) duty to my clients to represent and negotiate wholly for their best interests in a real estate transaction.  I must offer clients full disclosure, as well as full confidentiality.

In anticipation of Client Representation:

Based on your needs, we’ll conduct a no-pressure, complimentary information meeting.

If you are a Seller/Landlord:

I will give you a complimentary Market and Price Analysis for your property.  I have a multi-level marketing service that grabs the attention of buyers (or tenants) to your home and makes your property a market icon.  My goal here is to get your property listed and sold (or rented) within the timeframe you want, at the price you want, and all at your convenience as much as possible.

If you are a Buyer/Tenant:

Questions and suggestions!  Let me guide you along the process with my personal and full attention along with all the contacts, tips and strategies necessary.  My goal here is to help you figure out where you are going to live and how to get you there in the timeframe you want, and at price that is comfortable for you.  Also don’t forget: Buyers and Tenants are usually not the ones paying the real estate commission; Sellers and Landlords typically do that part.

What next?

Come see me in Bloor West Village!  I’d be happy to meet with you.